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Our website Money Within Hour uses cookies to provide advanced browsing experience. When you click on our website, cookies ask for your permission. The purpose why cookies are enabled at our website has been clearly explained in our cookie policy page. Go through this page to understand how we use cookies.

A cookie is a small file which contains anonymous information like unique identifier, site name and some digits and numbers. Cookies are created by web server and sent to web browser. These small files are then stored in the computer hard drive of the user. Each time the browser requests a page from the server, the identifier is sent back to the server.

Money Within Hour uses cookies to understand user's area of interest. Cookies are not designed to store any personal information, passwords or any kind of confidential information about the user. Details which we collect with the help of cookies are the number of people visited our website, the number of people who have shown interest in our services, access time of the user, browser type and language, IP address, most viewed pages of the website etc.

Cookies don't contain any harmful content or viruses and thus are safe to use. These data files make it possible for you to navigate around the website conveniently and smoothly. We utilize cookies to provide the most relevant content to users like you. Examining web traffic to our website is important and this we do with the help of cookies.

We need to improve our services from time to time. For that reason, it is important for us to enable cookies so that we can analyze the usage of our website. Moreover, cookies are also used as a tool to monitor whether our advertising strategies are working or not. You may rest assured about one thing that none of the cookies used on our website collect personally identifiable details about you.

We allow you to accept or deny cookies based on your preferences. With the help of browser settings you can restrict cookies from accessing information about you. When cookies are disabled, we cannot provide you the additional benefits to enhance your browsing experience.

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