Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Money Within Hour. The privacy of your personal details holds of importance to us. This page discloses about our collection, sharing and disclosure practices. Going through this page, you can peek into our ways of managing your private data and what measures we have taken to ensure your privacy.

Our privacy policy has been designed keeping your safety in the first place. Here advanced security steps are taken by us to make your browsing experience safe and secure. However, if you are not willing to agree to our policies then you are free to navigate away from our website. Your details are safely kept in our server. Without your permission, we will not allow third party sites to access your information.

For registration purpose, we need your personal details like name, email-id, telephone number, physical address, social security number, date of birth, employment details, citizenship status etc. You will have to enter the mentioned details in the online registration form. We collect your personal details as we need them to validate facts about you. Plus, we need your contact details to send notifications about our products and services. Your personal details are required only when you opt for accessing our services. If you are simply browsing our website Money Within Hour for personal reference then you can do this as an anonymous user.

Some of the non personal information that we collect from you are IP address, access time, browser type and language, site preferences, referral sites, pages accessed by you from our website, other website which you access later etc. These details are automatically recovered from your browsing history. So, these details tell us about your interaction with the website and whether or not our services are up to the mark for you. Based on these details we can analyze how our services should be improved.

Your safety is our prime concern. To ensure that, we conduct necessary security practices. We make use of advanced encryption technique and also update our security procedures from time to time. Ours is a safe server and your personal details are stored in secured environment where there is no chance of misuse, loss, damage or unauthorized access of data. Unfortunately, complete security of your details cannot be guaranteed. You may submit your data to other websites at own risk.

Our website has links of third party sites which act independently and are not governed by our privacy policy. They have their own privacy policy and terms and conditions. You can access these sites but before that review and understand their terms and policies. In case, if your identity is misused by these sites then we are not the one responsible for this.

Money Within Hour uses cookies which are small files programmed to gather information about preferences of the user. Also, cookies help the website in upgrading its services. But it is not necessary for the user to accept use of cookies. In case, if the user does not want to allow cookies then he or she can change the cookie setting accordingly.

The changes that we make in our terms and conditions are regularly updated in our website. Review our website from time to time to get latest updates.