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Unlawful use of website Money Within Hour is unacceptable as per our terms and conditions. In such cases, we will be forced to take strict actions against you. We are here to serve you as an online loan mediator. We are not responsible for lending decisions as we don't specialize in offering loans. When you submit details to us, you allow us to share your details with one or more lenders so that the perfect loan offer can be matched for you. However, it is not on our hands to assure that loans will be approved for you. Lender takes the final decision after taking various points into account. We provide loan matching services at completely free of cost.

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Please see our privacy policy page also for information related to our collection, sharing and disclosure practices. Visit this page regularly as we keep updating our policies as per industry standards.

When you access our website and use our services, you represent and warrant that you are an Australian citizen, your age is 18 years or above, you have a stable job which gets you fixed monthly income and you posses a checking account in some reputed bank.

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Our terms and conditions are updated from time to time. If you are keen on keeping track of our updates then review this page on regular basis.